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Collaborate with SalesCloud to accelerate your B2B sales performance, capitalizing on our track record of facilitating rapid, capital-efficient growth. Our expertise is honed by over nine years of experience across more than 80 sales organizations, equipping you with the strategies for sustainable market advancement.

Driving B2B Startups Towards Rapid and Sustainable Market Success

Tackling B2B growth and market expansion is tough; we simplify it with targeted, actionable solutions.
Our client-centric solutions and custom strategies transform these challenges into opportunities for your business.

We work hand-in-hand to set realistic KPIs, optimize resource allocation, and launch high-impact targeting strategies for your sales goals.Our comprehensive strategy includes creating enduring career paths, replicable sales systems, and boosting sales productivity for scalable growth.

Navigate New Market Territories with Precision

Forge ahead into new markets with a plan that's more than just multilingual staffing. With SalesCloud, you're equipped with a strategic blueprint that aligns with investor expectations and market realities.

Strategic Market Analysis and Selection

Choose your next market with intelligence and foresight. Our market analysis delves into local nuances to align with your strategic ambitions, ensuring every new market is a step towards your overarching growth objectives.

Anticipating and Planning for Market Entry Timelines

Factor in the full timeline from talent acquisition to revenue realization. Our expansion planning accounts for the critical ramp-up period, setting the stage for revenue growth in your new market ventures.

Establishing Robust Market Entry Infrastructure

Lay the groundwork for success across languages with comprehensive support structures. From marketing collateral tailored to local languages to ensuring legal compliance, we build the foundation for your market success.

Achieving Growth Goals

SalesCloud helps B2B startups take a more holistic approach to meeting their revenue targets by investing more resources in sales to improve performance, team size, or lead generation. By challenging and benchmarking all KPI assumptions, factors in time and capacities, and improving targeting, startups can significantly increase their chances of success, raise new capital, and reach their growth goals.

Realistic KPIs

Challenging and benchmarking all KPI assumptions, including new revenue, ACV, required leads, and team growth assumptions.

Efficient Resource Allocation

When planning, it is important to factor in time and capacities, including those of individual contributors and leadership, from a process perspective.

Effective Targeting

Improving targeting by working on the narrowest possible customer segments and ICPs while keeping the TAM and previous assumptions for lead generation in mind.

Resource Allocation for Sales Targets

When setting revenue targets, startups often rely on a few data points and seek benchmarks to do their initial planning on required resources (budgets & sales FTE).
While this easily allows breaking down top-down targets onto individual contributors, it does not necessarily ensure target attainment. SalesCloud ensures a holistic benchmarking and connects all interdependencies:

Full Sales Team Perspective

Adding ramp-up months and planned churn into the target planning.

In-Depth Bottom-Up Calculation

Including time, such as working hours or ramp-up periods, for individual contributors to achieve targets.

Challenge Lead Supply vs. Market

Is the required lead supply (warm/cold) already budgeted, and is it smaller than our ICP TAM?

Sales Performance Optimization

To improve team results, sales leaders often focus on training or sales automation to enhance KPIs. While both have direct effects on the team's output, SalesCloud helps you identify and implement additional factors for improvement based on experience and your specific needs.

Clear GTM Strategy

Enabling the team to understand and follow the go-to-market (GTM) strategy by providing clear ideal customer profiles (ICP) and value propositions can improve sales performance.

Clear Structures and Targets

To achieve repeatable success in day-to-day work, it is important to establish clear structures and targets that can help the team stay focused and motivated to reach their goals.

Continuous Growth Mindset

Embracing learnings and change within the team to continuously grow can lead to long-term success. Leaders can foster this mindset by encouraging experimentation, providing opportunities for feedback, and celebrating successes

Reproducible Sales System

Building a revenue engine is the ultimate goal for a startup's go-to-market strategy, at least since Mark Roberge, to ensure further runway and fundraising. To achieve this, leaders must solve more challenges than simply hiring more team members.

Validating Sales KPIs

SalesCloud works with you to validate sales KPIs for realistic bottom-up target calculations and determine the right team size.

Culture of Fast Learning

The right culture for a fast-learning and high-performing sales unit can be created with the help of SalesCloud focus on enabling harmonizing Sales-cultures.

Structures for Playbooks

Our team helps you pour structures into playbooks and knowledge management to ensure that your sales system is optimized for success for success.

Effective Customer Segmentation

While startups often initially plan their growth based on their defined Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and potential target segments, as they grow, customer segmentation becomes more complex. We can help you navigate this by reflecting validation circles and enabling your structure to efficiently target your market.

Data-driven Segmentation

Continuously analyze data to identify patterns and adjust segmentation accordingly for higher conversion rates.

Hypothesis Building

Test and build hypotheses continuously to identify new patterns and target new customer segments while refining existing segmentation strategies.

Integration into Operations

Integrate customer segmentation into organizational structure for efficient operations, including creating clear sales briefs and ensuring sales teams are aligned with the segmentation strategy.

Recruitment of Skilled Sales Professionals

When startups aim to increase revenue and acquire skilled resources for their Sales team, they often rely on recruitment or external sourcing. To ensure that resource planning is effective, SalesCloud enables Sales leaders to build the necessary surrounding structures.

Hiring Criteria and Career Frameworks

Define hiring criteria and develop career frameworks that encourage long-term motivation for new hires to ensure success from the start.

Current Team Performance and Coaching Plans

Review your current team's performance and create coaching plans to raise the average performance. SalesCloud can help you identify areas for improvement and develop effective solutions to address them.

Onboarding Plans for Successful Ramp-Ups

Ensure successful ramp-ups with efficient onboarding processes. SalesCloud can help you set up effective onboarding plans to guarantee success from day one.

Collaboratively Crafting Success Stories with Over 80 High-Growth Partners...

Carsten Lebtig
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For Workmotion's extremely fast growth, it was great having Ulf as external sales expert and sales advisor on the side

Florian Staribacher
Sales Leader DACH
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Our collaboration helped me to set my priorities right and keep our roadmap on track for success. Working together enabled us to build our initial Outbound system aligned on our growth targets. Sales Clouds support was very valuable to me in my first leadership role

Benjamin Thym
CEO at Offerista
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During Offerista's growth journey, I was able to tap into Ulf's expertise many times as an external impulse-giver and advisor

Marc-Alexander Christ
Co-Founder at SumUp
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Sales Cloud was our partner for the initial GtM of our POS solution in Europe and helped us along the sales iterations

Sam Soares
Chief Growth Officer
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Sales Cloud's expertise really helped us to focus and accelerate our revenue growth

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Engineering Predictable Revenue
for Founders and Sales Leaders

Founders and Sales Leaders accelerate to predictable revenue and business unit expansion through our dedicated empowerment and expertise. Access actionable insights and best practices to confidently tackle your unique challenges with our Sales Unit Building Methodology.
The journey to success typically consists of four key steps, which we guide them through:


Mutual Discovery:
Charting Your Growth Trajectory

Our initial mutual discovery phase confirms our synergy and lays the groundwork for a shared growth trajectory. We'll dissect your current operations to pinpoint opportunities and challenges, crafting a clear outline for potential solutions.

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Deep Dive:
Engineering Your Sales Success

With initial insights in hand, we take a deep dive into crafting your sales success, strategizing support that hits the mark. We define actionable steps and scope out your project with a laser focus on catalyzing growth.


Customized Growth :
Designing Your Blueprint for Success

We align with your unique challenges to prioritize and initiate your customized Sales Unit Building roadmap. Aim for comprehensive growth armed with our insights into best practices and battle-tested strategies.


Sustained Partnership:
Fueling Your Continuous Sales Advancement

Our sustained partnership is the engine behind your sales unit's progress, developing adaptable standards that align with your sales goals and the fluidity of market dynamics.

Embodied Growth Stories :
Our Track Record of Success

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Expert Guidance
Navigating Growth with Proven Expertise

Offering unmatched support and guidance, we empower sales leaders to reach their objectives and surmount obstacles. Our commitment to sharing our wealth of experience and knowledge underpins your growth and development journey.

Customizable Ressources
Equipping You with a Flexible Growth Arsenal

With our Sales Unit Building Framework, we provide the vital tools and resources necessary for crafting a scalable sales force. Our solutions are designed to be adaptable, meeting the distinct needs and aspirations of your organization.

Innovative Strategies
Simplifying Complexity for Capital Efficiency

Our innovative strategies transform growth complexity into accessible opportunities. By employing the latest methods and techniques, we guide organizations to streamline their processes and secure impressive results, ensuring capital efficiency throughout.


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