March 21, 2024

Overcoming Time Stealing Activities: Underestimated Challenges for B2B Sales leaders

Beyond Hiring - Exploring the Challenges of Revenue GrowthFor Sales Leaders, increasing revenue is often seen as a matter of math. They will increase resources because they are getting more customers and making more sales, and they think this will lead to the revenue they want. But, relying on hiring extra resources does not guarantee reaching the set targets.

To ensure successful growth, it's important to consider other factors that can impact the Sales Organization. Here are some key aspects to consider, especially for less mature organizations:

  1. Companies plan resources based on how well they currently perform in a specific target market and their ideal customer profile. As the team grows, the need for more leads and accounts arises, requiring a review of target groups and total addressable market (TAM). Expanding into new customer segments may impact performance and resource planning.
  2. The first few weeks are important for new sales members to perform well. During the customer journey, it's crucial to provide helpful resources and educate them about different aspects of the Revenue Organization. Understanding customer perspective, pain points, and market dynamics is essential for optimal performance.
  3. To keep the team motivated and improving, it is important to set smart targets for individual and overall career growth. Developing a comprehensive training curriculum targeting specific performance issues alone is not enough. To advance in your career, create frameworks that help you learn new skills and take on more responsibilities. These frameworks should also provide opportunities for growth.
  4. Hiring the right candidates can be tricky, especially in newer sales companies. Following guidelines and assessments during interviews may not guarantee a perfect fit. Sales hires often leave due to cultural misfits, lack of learning or development, and unassessed soft skills.
  5. Depending on how advanced your Revenue Organization is, you may still have manual processes and data management practices. As the organization gets bigger, it becomes harder to manage leads and accounts from one place. To avoid problems, it's important to track and fix data issues before they happen.
  6. Internal Capacities: Team growth affects other parts of the organization. Leadership skills are in high demand for coaching and dedication, especially in the early months. Leaders need time to review current efforts, results, and align them with the growing organization's goals. To maintain lead quality and conversion rates, it's important to help lead generation teams scale their efforts.
  7. To grow the team, you need to check if our go-to-market (GTM) approach can handle it. If you increase the volume without making adjustments, it can hurt deliverability because of marketing limitations. Adapting lead enrichment processes and aligning with channel partners' growth plans can enhance channel sales results.

By considering these factors beyond hiring more resources, Sales Organizations can increase their chances of reaching revenue targets and ensuring sustainable growth.

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